WINNER Lambda Literary Awards “Editors’ Choice”

FINALIST, STONEWALL AWARD American Library Association

FINALIST New York Publishing Triangle Randy Shilts Award



“The most important AIDS chronicle since Randy Shilts’

And the Band Played On.” Kirkus Reviews


“This is an impressive piece of journalism, likely to supplant Randy Shilts’s successful And the Band Played On. Like Shilts, Andriote has his prejudices and his favorites, but he is more balanced and less prone to assume he knows what people were feeling or thinking at critical moments.”

Dennis Altman, The Age (Australia)


“Andriote has interviewed every major player in his nearly two decades of reporting as a journalist on AIDS, and it shows.” 

Jose Gabilando, The Washington Post


“A fine history of the epidemic, keen and thoughtful. Andriote shines with chapters on less covered but no less important subjects, including the multi-billion dollar ‘AIDS industry’ and private fundraising groups. He brings together in one place many facts and figures heretofore unsynthesized.”

Joe R. Neel, The Boston Sunday Globe


“Andriote’s adroit integration of the personal and the historical results in an illustrative, analytical account of the disease and its impact on the gay civil-rights movement. His depiction of the poignant struggles, heroic responses and resultant social and political gains emanating from AIDS is a perceptive document for our time, relevant to all readers, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

John R. Killacky, Minneapolis Star-Tribune


“People who want to know how a community mobilized in the face of an unprecedented crisis will want to start here.”

Jonathan Rauch, Los Angeles Times


“Andriote has honored his mentors, his muses, and his community by preserving an important chapter in gay cultural history.”

The Washington Blade


“Remarkable. Medical writing for the non-professional is tough, and here the blend of biomedical and sociological information is truly consummate. Victory Deferred is everything it has been claimed to be.”

Oasis Magazine


“Andriote…offers a comprehensive survey of the many ways AIDS has transfigured gay social and political life…A well-researched and nuanced portrait of the many levels on which this grave disease has wrought both destruction and transformation.”

Publishers Weekly


“Andriote combines broad strokes and telling details in this engaging history of the complicated war against both disease and bigotry. Recommended for public and academic libraries.”

James E. Van Buskirk (San Francisco Public Library), Library Journal (starred review)


Victory Deferred is a careful and considered exploration of how gay culture has been reshaped by this disease; Andriote’s work is not only compelling and eminently readable, but a vital addition to the canon of literature on AIDS.”

Abraham Verghese, physician and author of My Own Country and The Tennis Partner


“As Victory Deferred eloquently delineates, there have been heroes in the epidemic who, in the face of microbial horror, discovered character within them that exceeded anything they’d previously imagined of themselves.”

Laurie Garrett, author of The Coming Plague and winner of the 1996 Pulitzer Prize in Journalism


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